We prepare your classic for historic events!

Attending classic car rallies is one of our great passions. We do that in style with rare pre-war vehicles.

Either you already share our passion or are planning to give it a try, at OK Classic you have chosen the right partners.

We can help prepare your car, from choosing the right tyres, fitting performance brake linings up to upgrading your fuel system.

A quick overview what we are offering

  • Obtaining and fitment of analogue or digital rally instruments like Halda, Rallye GT, Trip master and GPS instruments.
  • Manufacturing and fitment of wheel sensors compatible with mechanical trip metres.
  • Fitment of performance brake shoes and pads.
  • Finding the best tyre option for your demands. Tyre fitting and balancing.
  • Measures to avoid overheating. Fitting of additional cooling fans and heatshields.
  • Upgrading the fuel system to avoid vapor lock.
  • Performing this technical alteration, we take every effort to keep your vehicle 100% original and make all this work fully reversible.

Please contact us with your specific needs, we will be most happy to deal with your problems in a personal and professional manner, either personally or on telephone or via e-mail.


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